Quality Policy Statement

At Zaffiro International, we are committed to:

Consistent Quality and Customer Focus in Our Products and Services, To Provide Customer Satisfaction.
  • Stock and sell Petroleum products which meet and exceed industry specifications and standards.
  • Achieve internal and external customer satisfaction through our products and services.
  • Comply with the relevant regulatory requirements and industry standards.

  • Effective Quality Management System.
  • Adhere to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System as established in our operations.
  • Use performance measures that focus on key business results, which are in turn guided by integrity & balanced fairly by the interests of all stakeholders – employees, suppliers, partners & our consumers.
  • Mandate continual improvement by relentlessly working to remain competitive in process efficiency, elimination of waste and cost reduction throughout our supply chain.
  • Conduct periodic review of QMS by management and applicable functions.
  • Set quality objectives at all business areas, functions, units and processes.
  • Ensure quality policy is communicated, understood and available to relevant interested parties within and outside the organization.

  • Leadership Through People and Relationships
  • Management leadership, support and maintenance of the Quality Management System in our operations to support each employee in doing a good job, the first time, every time.
  • Use of evidence-based decision making to ensure the evolution of quality management strategy.
  • The involvement of people through open communications, trust, training and teamwork at all levels in a safe working environment.
  • Empowerment of people to take necessary action to ensure that consumer and customer needs are met.
  • Copyright © 2023 Zaffiro International. All Right Reserved.

    Copyright © 2023 Zaffiro International.
    All Right Reserved.