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Quality has a priority in the services we provide to our customers. As a consequence, we globally devote a great deal of attention and time to the continuous improvement of our work processes, in which the quality of our product range and safe and healthy working conditions are a priority. Sustainability plays a key role in the design of our processes.

Quality management is an integral part of our organization, ranging from our strategic objectives up to and including our operational processes. This makes it possible to add value for the customer in every step of our operation. An important part of this process, for example, is the strict selection and control of our suppliers. This standard is not only proof of our comprehensive process control, it also represents a step forward in controlling potential risks.

We set high quality standards for ourselves that are translated in terms of annual objectives to be achieved in this field. We regularly monitor progress in this area on the basis of Key Performance Indicators. Internal audits are regularly conducted for the purpose of verifying implemented actions.

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Zaffiro International create a productive work environment for her staffs as success is our key word, and our team does not regard Service Quality improvement as a program, but rather as a holistic organization design process that requires dedication and endurable commitment as a fundamental culture from management and Employee alike.

The success that each individual team members defined in a personal habit of continuously improving performance every day. Nothing less will do.

Everything we do touches people, and adds meaning to our own lives and work. Each self-directed team demonstrates a deep commitment to the initiative. At Zaffiro International the buck stops at every table.

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It is known that people who care about the customer and who communicate in an honest timely fashion inhabit our organization. Our standard is to save time and resources for our customers. We give our customers what they want in time, and each member of our team has a mandate to commit to that standard. Our integrity and consistency have remained unquestioned. We take your patronage seriously, knowing that it represents your confidence in us.

Copyright © 2023 Zaffiro International. All Right Reserved.

Copyright © 2023 Zaffiro International.
All Right Reserved.