Drilling Fluids

  • High-performance drilling fluids for various drilling applications
  • Superior quality control and formulation expertise
  • Customized solutions to minimize risks and ensure optimal drilling performance

Zaffiro International uses the latest and safest equipment in its tank cleaning operations and services. With the use of Sludge Mater Jet nozzles, we guarantee a perfect cleaning and a recovering of over 95% useful oil.

Our specialties in drilling fluids are fluids with zero aromatic paraffinic base oils with low kinematic viscosity to drill deep offshore, shallow offshore, swamp and land formations with Nigeria.

Our products include but are not limited to the following:

  • Barites
  • Imported OCMA bentonite
  • Micronized calcium carbonate
  • LPFOs
  • AGO and Premium spirit​
  • Contact us for high-quality drilling fluid solutions.​

    Copyright © 2023 Zaffiro International. All Right Reserved.

    Copyright © 2023 Zaffiro International.
    All Right Reserved.