Automated Tank Cleaning

  • State-of-the-art automated tank cleaning systems
  • Environmentally friendly and safe cleaning methods
  • Increase productivity and reduce downtime with efficient cleaning solutions

Zaffiro International uses the latest and safest equipment in its tank cleaning operations and services. With the use of Sludge Mater Jet nozzles, we guarantee a perfect cleaning and a recovering of over 95% useful oil.

The Sludge Master / Tank Sweep jet nozzles are designed to circulate, suspends and fluidize the sludge using the existing oil in the tank. We provide fast efficient and safe dislodging and cleaning services to the satisfaction of our clients.

  • Vessel and storage tank cleaning
  • Above ground tank storage cleaning
  • Offshore and land production tank cleaning
  • Cargo tank cleaning
  • Pigging Of Pipelines
  • Copyright © 2023 Zaffiro International. All Right Reserved.

    Copyright © 2023 Zaffiro International.
    All Right Reserved.